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2005/09/08 Seminar centered on AR2000 at Beijing, China
2005/08/17 Our paper was released at the International Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland
2005/07/27 A construction related magazine- July issue, ran an article about AR2000
2005/07/11-07/17 A demonstration work was performed on the roadways inside the Osaka International Airport
2005/03/09 A magazine called Road Construction- March issue, ran an article about the joint project in Italy
2004/08/27-09/06 The success of the first international joint project with ANAS, Italy
2003/12/28 Shipment of the Train-3 (J3) to India
2003/09/02-09/03 A demonstration was performed at the Nashinoki Bypass
2003/05/30 An article about us on Nikkei-Sangyo Newspaper
2003/05/02 AR2000’s advanced technology reported in the Yomiuri Shimbun, a major Japanese newspaper
2003/02 Follow-up Report of Demonstration Work of AR2000 Super Recycler
(after one year in service)
2001/12/05-06 AR2000 demonstrated for the test operation in Ube, Japan
2001/11/20-21 AR2000 demonstrated for the test operation in Kawasaki, Japan  2-2, Kanda Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0052 Japan   Tel:81-3-5217-1112  Fax:81-3-5217-1113
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