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Innovative Asphalt Recycling Techniques Utilized for Optimal Roadway Maintenance
Developed by the Canadian company Martec, the patented technology of the AR2000 Super Recycler is based on the Japanese idea of using a hot jet of air to soften the surface layer of pavement in roadway regeneration. The technological advances of the AR2000 Super Recycler allow for 100% recycling of asphalt materials on-site. This “Hot In-Place” asphalt recycling method is accomplished through an equipment train consisting of four units. At conventional Japanese construction sites, machinery used are often several times as large and are unable to produce the tremendous amount of heat vital to the success of pavement rehabilitation. The AR2000 Super Recycler can generate 38,000 mega-joules/hour, compared with standard Japanese machinery that can only produce a maximum of 7,600 mega-joules/hour.

In August of 2001,The AR2000 Super Recycler technology was recognized in the “pavement Recycling Guidelines for State and Local Governments” by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration(FHWA).

Pollutant Comparison
Pollutant AR2000
A Typiclal Infra-Red Recycler
Asphalt Plant
Stack Emissions
(1990 U.S.)
  CO 8.5 290 19
  NOx 1.4 15 18
  SOx 1.7 146
  Particulates 0.9 2
  Total Hydrocarbons 0.7 13 14
U.S.EPA Report