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Solutions to Traditional Methods of Construction
Improving Construction Methods through New Technology
T)Technology designed and Manufactured to Operate Virtually Emission Free
It uses a hot jet circulation system utilized to soften asphalt surfaces, and other detrimental elements to the environment.

Old asphalt is 100% recycled, yielding no undesired waste by-products.

The deafening noise associated with conventional digging is significantly reduced through the process of softening and recycling of asphalt.

U)Securing On-Site Construction Safety
Automated controls lesson the required workforce, resulting in simpler operations and safer working conditions for workers.

Diesel fuel is used in a radial heating method, thus recucing the risk of explosion.

V)Substantial Saving in Time
Depending on road and weather condition, a speed of 3 to 7 meters per minute makes 3km of one lane (8,000-12,000 square meters )of road rehabilitation possible in one day.

Excess moisture present in deteriorated asphalt surfaces is effectively removed, producing high-quality recycled asphalt. After 2 or 3 hours of drying time, rehabilitated surfaces can easily withstand the force of large vehicles.

Compared to conventional resurfacing methods, hot in-place recycling of asphalt pavements considerably reduces project times.
Saving construction cost & immense effects on the external economy

No.1 Drastically reduce the present environmental pollution
The level of air pollution and harmful effects on planting will be reduced.
No.2 Substantially reduce traffic congestions at the recycling work sites
By employing the hot in-place recycling technology, smaller numbers of slow driving cars and less traffic congestion are expected at the recycling work sites from the faster AR2000 operation. Furthermore, chronic problems such as violent noise, exhaust fumes, smoke and unpleasant odors caused by the conventional style of construction will be solved significantly so that it will reduce annoyance to residents living in the vicinity of construction work sites.
No.3 Substantial savings in Cost and Time
Conventional recycling methods involve more workers and require frequent transportations for materials resulting in increased construction time and cost. The advanced technology of AR2000 will efficiently utilizes both human and material resources so that overall construction costs can be reduced significantly.