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Advanteges Using the AR2000 Super Recycler

The recycled asphalt maintains a high temperature until right before it is compacted. Hot-welded joints between old and new paving materials create incredible adhesive strength, which prevents the rehabilitated pavement from cracking.

Excess moisture is effectively removed from recycled material making quality control simple.

Old asphalt can be recycled in accordance with any ordered specification.

Recycled asphalt can be comparable to new asphalt. High assessment is obtained from engineers of official organization in Canada and the United States.

Adhesion between the repaired layer and the layer below is imperfect due to insufficient heating. Cracks in the lower layer may eventually lead to cracking of the repaired layer.

Hot in-place maintenance enables complete adhesion between the repaired layer and the layer below it. This reduces recurrence of cracks in the repaired layer.


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