GreenARMActivity Report

Activity Report

30/05/2019 Our paper was presented at the Interactive Workshop for a New Sewerage Project in Nagpur
16/07/2016 Our paper was presented at the CU National Conference on Highway Construction Technology
28/10/2009 Our paper was presented at the 2nd World Roads Conference
11/11/2008 With this new system, the bonding layer between the asphalt and the steel plate deck is heated by electromagnetic waves resulting in the easy removal of the adojoining asphalt caused by lower acoustic noise.
31/10/2008 Green ARM's HITONE technology was reported in the British technical journal World Highways.
01/08/2008 Article on Green ARM in the Nikkei Net
24/07/2008 International Conference ICPT2008
23/07/2008 A pilot large scale construction in California
28/04/2008 Green ARM was presented at the opening session of ICTI
22/04/2008 The Induction Heating In-place Removing technology(IHIR)
03/04/2008 Green ARM was selected as a speaker at the opening session of ICTI
07/12/2007 Our paper was presented at the APTE
12/10/2007 The patent for the heating process and apparatus of HITONE® was granted.
25/09/2007 Our Booth was set up at the 23rd. World Road Congress.
22/08/2007 Construction Work on Sapporo City Road.
08/08/2007 Construction Work on No.36 national road in Sapporo City.
23/03/2007 Our Booth was set up at the World of Asphalt Fair.
15/09/2006 HITONE® operation at Chiba Prefecture was successfully done.
08/09/2006 The patent for the HITONE® sysytem was granded on September 8, 2006
18/08/2006 Our paper was presented at the 10th International Conference on Asphalt Pavement(ICAP)
15/08/2006 The patent examination for the HITONE® sysytem was completed
07/08/2006 Chosen as the strategic development project for energy usage rationalization technologies sponsored by NEDO in 2006
17/03/2006 10th ICAP(International Conference of Asphalt Pavements)
17/03/2006 A conference of HITONE® held In California State
17/11/2005 A presentation at the Achievement-Report session held by NEDO
08/11/2005 Our lecture at the seminar sponsored by Saitama Prefecture about actions for construction residue
26/10/2005 Held a reporting session about the experimental demonstration of the HITONE® project
29/08/2005 Experimental Demonstration Work at Okinawa

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