GreenARMCorporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the economic society as a guardian of environmental protection.

GreenARM Contributes as an Environmental Guardian

Starting with the manufacture of environmentally friendly asphalt recycling machines (AR 2000), Green ARM has developed its own road machines that are environmentally friendly and contribute to society. The environment as its main purpose continues to grow as an environmental guardian by the name of Green ARM.

Corporate OverView

Company Name GreenARM Co., Ltd.
Establishment Aug. 2001
Paid-in Capital 1,537,500,000 Yen
Head Office 2-2, Kanda Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  1. Projects related to social infrastructure and the environment such as road regeneration and conservation, energy resource saving and conservation, water purification and effective use, low-level radioactive contamination treatment
  2. Contract of civil engineering work and landscaping work
  3. Collection and transportation of general and industrial waste, disposal
  4. Investment opportunities into business organizations associated with the activities of our company
  5. All businesses incidental to abovementioned businesses
  • Terpl India Private Limited
  • Eco Recover Co., Ltd.
  • RO Plus Co., Ltd.
  • TRISTARHCO Co., Ltd.

Corporate Officer

Chairman Naomichi Suzuki Adviser
General foundation Japan Industrial Location Center
Chief Executive Officer
Hisashi Hosokawa  
Chief Operating Officer
Shu Nishiyama Chief Executive Officer
IKEE Co., Ltd.
Director Keishin Sasaki President
Director Koichi Danno  
Director Tadashi Miyadi General Manager Corporate Planning Department
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd
Director Takaki Kasugai President
Canucks Holdings,Ltd.(CHL)
Auditor Tomio Sakai  
Auditor Michio Nozaki  
Auditor Hideo Matsui
Special Adviser Atsushi Kasahara Professor Emeritus
Hokkaido Univercity of Science
Special Adviser Robert Fauver Summit Sherpa of G7
Former Undersecretary of State for Economy, U.S.Government


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