GreenARMPress Release


Charter Amendment at the Special Meeting of Shareholders

The new articles are as follows (the underlined parts are amendments):

  1. Import/Export, Selling and Leasing of construction machines for the regeneration of asphalt pavement
  2. Manufacturing (on commission) of the machines
  3. Development and Design Modification of the machines
  4. Maintenance and Repairement of the machines
  5. Repavement work employing the machines on site guidance for maximum efficiency of operation and training of operators of the machines
  6. All businesses aforementioned are applied to the permeable asphalt(OGFC) pavement construction machines
  7. Development and improvement of the porous asphalt(OGFC) repavement technology and of the recycling technology of used tire to be reused as aggregates
  8. The business contributing to rationalization of energy consumption such as increasing fuel efficiency and reduction of gas emission which would be realized by measurement and evaluation of road rolling resistance
  9. Software Development and Sales relevant to the business aforementioned in the article.
  10. Business of giving technical support, providing information and consultations to workers employed in the same type of business aforementioned in the article.
  11. Investment opportunities into business organizations associated with the activities of our Company.
  12. All businesses incidental to abovementioned businesses


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